Eurotas Conference 2019


Nicola Amadora

Nicola Amadora PhD. is a Spiritual Teacher, Transpersonal Psychologist and Therapist, Speaker, Concious Relationship and Leadership Trainer and Founder of Living Connection. She leads spiritual retreats, ‚transforming lives‘ trainings for professionals, private therapy and mentoring sessions, and satsangs for 30 years internationally. Nicola lived in California where she founded a holistic spiritual center and a non profit organization. Recently she returned to her roots in Europe and continues to travel extensively with her work. With a deep commitment to help in the great turning, she teaches in an integrated, succinctly feminine, loving and powerfully present way.



The Great Turning- Blazing a new Trail

Ancient prophecies have foretold of a time such as this, where the survival of all living beings is hanging on a mere thread. They speak of people, who will rise with the weapons of true compassion and insight to turn the tide in our world. As old structures are falling, we are the ones called to show up. How then do we blaze a new trail together now?

As we connect with the deep life power we can harness brilliance to guide us. Awakening, healing and embodiment enable us to show up in the here and now. And it is through the collective ‚We’ field that we learn new ways of relating and discover solutions for issues too big to meet on our own. We are ushering in a new era, where the personal and collective, awakening and engaged action, stillness and movement, mystism and practicality, ecology, social justice, healing and spirituality become united. Because only if we include every aspect, love becomes real. And it is through presence and connection that we can ignite change from the inside out.

The most dire times are often the most potent to wake us up from the slumber of ignorance, urging us to courageously live from our loving presence in the midst of the greatest challenge and opportunity of our time.


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