Eurotas Conference 2019


Nicolás Cambas

Nicolás Cambas (Arg), artist who researches in the fields of art, shamanism, therapy and society. He led a nomadic life for over a decade through South America, exchanging clownery and music with andeo-amazonean tribes and their traditional shamanic practices. He develops as a clown, performer and scene director, and has created the unlearning school for intuitive creation with transpersonal approach called CAMINOCREATIVO (Creative Path). He teaches and performs regularly in America and Europe.



CAMINO CREATIVO – Awakening your creative Self

CAMINO CREATIVO (Creative Path) is a body of artistic practices, inside ritual ludical frames, for transcendental group experiences that allows us to get in touch with our creative self in a deep and powerful way. It is born out of the merging of Art and Shamanism and it is deeply influenced by the Trickster archetype. The basic principle in which CAMINO CREATIVO is rooted is that our lost capacity to be in tune with the universe and become empowered creators of our reality can be trained and exalted through art, playfulness and creativity when they have a healing purpose and a ritual context. As contemporary non-tribal beings, we need frames that are concrete and practical, and can allow us to merge into the shamanic experience without experience. In this workshop some of the basic principles of this practice will be shared through games, ecstatic exercises, and practical philosophy.

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