Eurotas Conference 2019


Nicolas Dumont

Clinical psychologist and transpersonal psychotherapist for 17 years, trainer in hypnosis and transpersonal psychotherapy
President of Ceshum, School of Transpersonal
Former member of the Inrees Network
Co-founder of the CeroFrance association
Co-founder of the M. Erickson Institute of Touraine

After 10 years of practice in institutions of the medico-social sector, I work in a private practice where I receive individual and group patients, supervise practitioners and teams, give conferences and trainings.
I have been accompanying for 17 years, in a very large spectrum of human experiences (individual and family), very classic problems (crossing of diseases, mourning, separations, psychic disorders, etc.) to the problems of the extraordinary : abductions, imminent death experiences, mediumities, shamanism, kundalini awakenings, etc … I also lead holotropic breathing groups and propose shamanism in a transpersonal setting.



Global crisis, initiatory crisis

And if we look together at the global crisis we are going through as an initiatory path?It is precisely to this change of perspective that the transpersonal psychotherapist invites his patient: to live in conscience any event like a convocation to learn and grow.
The challenge today is collective and the solution can only come together, transcending individual and collective egos of all kinds: cultural, ethnic, political, religious …What’s more transpersonal about such an issue?

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