Eurotas Conference 2019


Nitya Prema

Nitya Prema is a licensed psychotherapist practicing in the San Francisco Bay area since the mid-seventies. Nitya has worked overseas as a therapist and as a former kaleidoscope artist sold her work internationally. She presented in a Jung/Lacan conference on the Sublime in Cambridge, England. And a presenter for Jungian society for Scholar Studies conference on Chaos and Interdisciplinarity, Nitya has written a manuscript on her spiritual journey, she has a Buddhist orientation.





In a rapidly changing world consciousness; how can we expand our perspectives, find healthy meaning and archetypal depth in near global chaos? The metaphor of mirror systems in a kaleidoscope demonstrate a variety of influences in the whole. We can source beauty in underlying designs, deeper themes in the mire. At play are rampant archetypal motifs creating a new synthesis, a calling to imagine and bring forth light and color through darkness. Missing, trivialized and made superficial at this time is the transcendence quality of Aphrodite, the power of subtle beauty on people’s senses and thoughts, which brings order and justice by her nature.

By reviewing awakening Impressionism during the 1800’s changes to the focus to color and light, the blurring of boundaries leaving behind sharp distinctions, in order to see the beauty of the whole. Impressionistic painters learned to grasp the moment, however fleeting and sometimes wait for another day to have opportunity to completely express what had initially spoke to them at a first call. In doing so they taught themselves a form of Mindfulness, appreciating and being grounded in the moment, internally and in expression.

In the publication of a lecture by the late James Hillman, Aphrodite’s Justice addressed the need for more beauty in a non-compartmentalized way. Through complexity in Aphrodite’s mythic roots are patterns and tensions producing Beauty, Order and Justice. Archetypal beauty, the third mirror, a dynamic reflection of an ephemeral moment. Hillman asks, “Indeed – where is beauty in psychology…? Psychology goes about exploring the human heart but ignoring the heart’s essential longing – not only for love, but for beauty.” Justice and beauty, ethical and alluring, as inseparable, creating a wholeness and bringing form out of chaos.

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