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Olivier Clerc

Olivier Clerc is a writer and a professional speaker and workshop leader, specialised in spirituality and personal growth. He is the author of 19 books, with translations in a dozen languages, among which The Gift of Forgiveness: a magical encounter with Don Miguel Ruiz (Findhorn, 2010), translated in 7 languages. He gives lectures and leads workshops in numerous countries.


Circle of Forgiveness

Created in 2012 by Olivier Clerc, following his life-changing experience with don Miguel Ruiz in Mexico, Circles of Forgiveness aim at allowing you to experience a beautiful ritual for the healing of your heart, that is both very simple and powerful.

A Circle of Forgiveness is a transpersonal process which allows you to experience forgiveness towards others and yourself, including towards people who are not present, without having to mention your emotional wounds and difficult issues to the other participants.

This ritual allows your heart to heal and to get rid of the many layers of resentment, sadness, anger or hatred which have been keeping it from expressing fully all its love.

This new way of experiencing forgiveness has already benefited several thousands of people. There are now over 200 Circles of Forgiveness in over 15 countries.

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