Eurotas Conference 2019

Organization comitee

Bernadette Blin

Clinical and Social Psychologist.
Transpersonal Psychotherapist, Gestalt-therapist, Teacher and Supervisor.

Certified in Holotropic Breathwork and Transpersonal Psychology by Stan Grof.
Initiated by shamans from different traditions (Mexico, Morocco, Peru, Siberia, United States…).
Founder of IRETT in France (Institute of Training in Transpersonal Psychotherapy) (France)
Co-founder and Honorary member of GRETT (Group of Research and Studies in Transpersonal Therapy) (France).
President of EUROTAS.
Honorary President of CesHum (Transpersonal Psychotherapeutic Training Institute) (France).
Honorary President of IPTB (Transpersonal Training Institute of Barcelona).
Teacher member of IIBP (International Institute of Consciousness and Psychotherapy) (Germany).
Author of many articles on Transpersonal Psychotherapy.
Co-author of “Healing the ego, revealing the being, the challenge of Transpersonal Therapies”, “Manual of Transpersonal Psychotherapy” and “When Consciousness will awaken”.

Brigitte Chavas


Transpersonal Psychotherapist, Gestalt-therapist, Teacher and Supervisor.

Member of CesHum’s board

Brigitte Chavas has been practicing individual and group psychotherapy since 1988. She has organized and led numerous seminars, particularly the Breath and Therapy seminars, since 1997. These transpersonal therapy courses are centred on our experience of breath and breathing, and in particular Holotropic Breathing. In addition to these groups which are open to all, over the past ten years she has developed “rites of passage” for teenagers and young adults, workshops for parents and young people, and workshops specifically for couples, for men or for women.

Brigitte Chavas is a trainer and supervisor for practitioners in the caring professions. She has been involved in different schools of psychotherapy, somatotherapy and coaching since 1995.

Body consciousness, relationship and the present moment are the foundation of her path towards a global ecology both personal and collective. Opening to oneself, to other, to Life, trance and celebration have inspired her attitude to life and her practice.

Author of numerous articles and co-author of “Guérir l’ego, révéler l’être”, Trédaniel 2009, ” Manuel de psychothérapie transpersonnelle “, Dunod InterEditions 2011 and “Quand la conscience s’éveillera”, psychospiritual accompaniment, L’Harmattan 2016.


Martine Struzik

Therapist, Hypnotherapist and transpersonal trainer

– Master Practitioner in Psycho-energy – Timotheus Project
– Master practitioner in New Hypnosis and Ericksonian Therapy – Association française de nouvelle hypnose et l’Ecole belge d’hypnose
– Mandala of Being™ of Richard Moss (USA) – IRETT, France
– Cognitive Trance – Corine Sombrun.
– Neurosciences training – Arche, Paris
– Seminar training with Richard Moss (+ European Deepening Program), Robert Dilts and Open Floor International.

Director of the Belgian association Approches Transpersonnelles: organization of transpersonal events, workshops, conferences and symposiums.

Xavier de Stoppani

Holistic coach, facilitator, teacher

– Holistique coach certified, @
– Hypnothérapist certified
– Collectiv intelligence facilitator, working with open space forums, worldcafes, sociocraty, etc. @
– Holotropic breathing facilitator, @

In charge of eurotas 2019 congress  website

Muriel Rojas Zamudio

Psychoanalyst, artist, practitioner in artistic mediations and art-therapist

Engaged for several years in transpersonal associations oriented towards psychology, Muriel Rojas Zamudio would like to develop clinical research on two directions, transpersonal reading of psychoanalyse and art as a path to transpersonality. She is the author of several books, among which Dialogue with our inner goddesses and Dialogue with our inner gods.


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