Eurotas Conference 2019


Pascal Petit


Pascal Petit is a biologist, oceanologist and environmental sociologist Since 25 years, he has been a facilitator in “citizen participation for the management of
nature at the local level “, in the Walloon Region (Collective Intelligence, Sociocracy, etc.). He is also a Master Practitioner in Humanistic and Ethical Neuro-Linguistic Programming and coach in personal and collective development. He practices mindfulness meditation. He also studied different spiritualities / philosophies : Buddhism and Taoism.


Journey from the confines of the Cosmos to the heart of the Human »

Starting from the Universe and passing through the beautiful planet Earth, we go to meet the Human Being. Do we still understand who we really are today? Will our species succeed in destroying all others? Or self-destruct herself? Can all the crises we are experiencing (environment, finance, terrorism, immigration, globalization, …) be summed up in one, identity? In the many mists (confusions) of the mind maintained by the media, advertisements, politicians, etc., are we all a little lost in seeking our way, our values, our place in this chaotic world? By a multidimensional approach – to be natural, relational, emotional and spiritual – will we be able to reconnect to our Deep Humanity – to be less artificial, individual, superficial and material? To better “Live Together”? In a world where the denial of the human would fade … (and the horrors it engenders)? Invitation to travel to see “how the alienation of humanity can be reversed?” AND participate in the societal paradigm shift desired by many emerging movements …

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