Eurotas Conference 2019


Peter Fairfield

Peter Fairfield OMD, LAC (Swami Premanand) has had spiritual and healing experiences since a child. He is a medical intuitive and has practiced Oriental medicine, acupuncture and natural medicine for over 45 years specializing in transformative and psychiatric issues.

Internationally he teaches professional seminars on Oriental Medical Psychiatry and transformative practices. To the public he presents seminars and retreats using advanced meditative and internal qigong practices for personal and spiritual development.

For more than 45 years Peter has researched to develop his East/West physiological model of personality, mood, behavior and most interestingly, human development and enhancement called OM PSYCHIATRY. This coherent system is based on an academic foundation of western bio-medicine, neurophysiology and an in depth study of Chinese and other traditional Asian medical and spiritual systems. This background is coupled with extensive clinical experience in the US and Europe and field research in Asia with Tibetan, Taoist, Hindu, yogic, shamanic and Qigong practitioners culminating in new clinical protocols with psychiatric conditions like anxiety and depression and personal development issues that are often poorly handled in our western medical systems. His training, under the guidance of advanced adepts, included solitary retreats in the Nepalese Himalayas, China and the US.

He has founded acupuncture training programs, been resident acupuncturist at the Esalen Institute, toured with and helped professional musicians and speakers to open creative blocks

Currently has the Tara Center for Health and Happiness in Santa Fe New Mexico. His book DEEP HAPPY, is an international best seller.




The true Mystic connects with the primal forces of nature, merging beyond the limitations of time, form and the seeming solidity of elemental essences. The deep secret of this is that it is not done through power, but through relationship and the intimate link of pure consciousness .In this 120-90 minute experiential presentation (with PowerPoint), participants will be guided to experience and open their inner senses to the mystical/shamanic world in their own personal way. The form of each of mystic’s path is unique in the universe, yet opening the doors, breaking through the limitations of habit and enabling and awakening to the subtle realities, has a similar and universal process.

We will work with:

  • Using the elasticity of time
  • Experiencing the mind of animals
  • Feeling the elemental forces
  • Feeling the consciousness and properties of plants
  • Knowing the ground beneath your feet
  • Freeing your body and energy field from obstructions
  • Sensing friend and foe in your surroundings

Obviously, most will not master these experiences in this short class. However, for those who pay attention, the seeds of possibility will be planted for beginners and for those well traveled in this way, new vistas may be seen or re-understood.

During this time together, Peter will project a field of energy allowing a deeper experience and easier absorption of the process.

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