Eurotas Conference 2019


Pier Luigi Lattuada

Pier Luigi Lattuada of the Integral Transpersonal Institute, Milan, Italy is a Medical Doctor. He has a Ph. D. in Behavioral Studies and a Psy. D. in Clinical Psychology. He is also a Psychotherapist.

Founder of Biotransenergetics, Pier Luigi is the Director of the Transpersonal Psychotherapy School in Milan, which has been fully recognized by the Ministry of Education University and Research since 2002.

He is also director of the Training in Transpersonal Counseling accredited by AssoCounseling.

He is Adjunct Faculty at Sofia University, Palo Alto, CA and Faculty and chair of BA on Integral Transpersonal Psychology at Ubiquity University.

Past medical director of Lifegate Holistic Medicine Clinic of Milan, Scientific Director of Integral Transpersonal Journal. He serves as co-Vice-President of EUROTAS. Pier Luigi has published sixteen books since 1985, more than 30 articles since 1980 and presented Biotransenergetics in more than 50 International Conferences in several countries: Italy, France, Spain, Austria, Moldova, Latvia, Switzerland, Russia, Bulgaria, Romania, USA, Brazil, Greece, Mexico, Hungaria since 1988.


Early morning practice

Shamanic Morning Prayer Circle

With Steven Schmitz

Shamanic morning prayer circles are a great way to begin your day by expressing gratitude for the many blessings we receive and the magic that surrounds us. They are a combination of drumming, prayers, and sacred movement. They are a way to connect with spirit, connect with the elements, connect with each other, and share ritual in a community setting. Bring a drum or rattle if you have one.


Il Corpo del Sogno (Dreaming Body) – Shamanic embodied practices

The journey towards oneself cannot be limited to well-being, but wants challenge, personal power, freedom, honor of one’s nature. It is a question of love and suffering, of awareness and errors, of deaths and rebirths and endless awakenings Shamans usually journey to upper, middle or lower worlds, but there is a wide variety of destinations depending on the cosmology of the different cultures.

Thanks to Corpo del Sogno a new conceived integral body-mind practice of Biotransenergetics we’ll journey through our bodies by shifting awareness in order to reach a broader state of consciousness. The drum with its repetitive rhythm shifts our individual “rhythm” and allows us to navigate the ocean of consciousness, that is to say the “spiritual” field. To journey as well as to meditate are tools for spiritual growth, for healing, for getting information and working through psychological issues. An expert journeyer might be able to communicate on a spiritual level and seek out evolved spiritual teachers.

While you journey you might enter the earth or fire, climb mountains and trees as well as passing through valleys, forests or rivers, flying over the sky, you might be able to reach peacefull or terriyfing places. You might dive deeply into cells or molecules, galaxys or planets.

We will journey into our hearts seeking out our child of light, the metaphor of our true Self, our intimate nature, the pureness of our soul, our inner master, we will find the face we had before birth.

Round table

Persistence of Contact, Mastery of Transe, Further Mode, Second Attention, Passage from the zero, Freedom from the known, Integral Transpersonal Thinking, Dreaming Body, Circle of Medicine, Ceremony of the Intent, Archetypical Forces, are some of the key words of the innovative discipline of Biotransenergetics who comes from ancient traditions toward a psychotherapy of the future:

To get new knowledge and insight of themselves.

To self-mastering States of Consciousness and healing processes

To get peak experiences and deep Self -Transformation

To bring spirituality and sacred respect of life and its archetypal forces into both individual and professional life.

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