Eurotas Conference 2019


Pietro Castronovo

Passionate since always by the human and the influence that the initiatory models have on the societies, still very young I was interested in the psychology and the great religions. This will lead me to leave my city of Rome and be ordained a missionary priest. It’s the year 2004 and I’m 30 years old. Ten years later, following a burnout, I leave the orders to settle in Belgium as a coach and therapist. Today, I am responsible for a training center that I created two years ago with the one that will be later my wife. We are settled in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.



The adult, a child in becoming

The spiritual approach of de-cluttering: the art of being surprised. A world in transition, more human-oriented, where man could finally find his inner balance, inhabiting countries in peace, having economic and political stability, based on more just institutional systems, in secular states of Constitutional law … And if all this was a new mirage, more seductive but also misleading than the previous ones? Trans-balanced, trans-pacific, trans-religious, trans-human … Here is the real challenge for a world to come more human. A real paradigm shift more than a new fashionable nail polish. And if the foundations of a new world, really in transition to more human, were for each of us in developing a new look, closer to the wonder of the child than in the jaded adult…?

The spiritual approach of de-cluttering is part of this dynamic, as a possible and respectful response that is offered to any man who wants to question his bearings and thus open up to a surprising and fascinating world.


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