Eurotas Conference 2019


Roberto Lazzaro

I was born in England in 1956.I am a Psychologist, Professor of Biotransenrgetics, Counselor Trainer, Teaching Manager of the School of Transpersonal Counseling, Biotransenergetica method (OM headquarters of Padua), Shiatsu teacher and operator, Educational Director of “La Decima Luna” Shiatsu School. For years I have been searching with passion and loving coherence in the folds of the human soul. From my initial training in psychosomatics, Bioenergetics and Psychology Organism by Malcom Brown, meeting and recognition in the Transpersonal Psychology emergency the space that allows me the necessary breath. Finally a psychology that boldly raises the eye towards the human being seen in its entirety: physical, emotional, energetic, mental and spiritual. Hence the happy encounter with Biotransenergetics of Marlene Silveira and Pier Luigi Lattuada.I work as a freelancer and as a trainer in Noventa Padovana, where we also find the school of counseling and shiatsu.



Biotransenergetics is a psycho-spiritual discipline, a modern school of thought, a psychotherapeutic orientation that responds to existential, psychic, emotional and spiritual suffering. It recognizes the good medicine for integral well being in the development of the human and universal qualities, virtues and potential. To look you need the eyes, not the words. To speak you need to know. To understand synergies are needed with powerful allies. You need to do the ZERO and let go. You need purity – says the Child, It takes courage – says the Warrior, Humility is needed – says the Sage. You need compassion, kindness and love – says Life, Trust is needed – says the Faith. We need light eyes and an empty heart – says Dr. LattuadaIt takes patience – says Dr.ssa Silveira. Need knowledge and transcendence. You need de-sire, “a star that guides you”.

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