Eurotas Conference 2019


Ronald Keith Salmon

Ronald Keith Salmon, PhD interweaves original imagery, prose, poetry, sound, and song in a way that reveals the intimate relationship between the Natural World and our own True Nature. His work represents a constellation of the training, experience, insights, and revelations of his diverse career as a professor of Animal Genetics, a sheep farmer, and a teacher of body-based psycho-spirituality—together with his lifelong exploration of Nature through photography, poetry, song, and nature sound recording. He has offered workshops, concerts, and presentations based upon his explorations in both Canada and the US. 

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Intimations of Nature’s Grace

To explore how Nature’s creations can help us to live in greater harmony with the Natural World, this session will interweave biological science, depth psychology, and spirituality with song, poetry, and nature videography.

Many of us today embrace perspectives and belief systems that are in discord with Nature’s rhythms. This discord disturbs the wellbeing of both individuals and our collective.

Visitations by Nature’s animals in our waking lives, meditations, visions, and dreams are often invitations to resolve our discord with Nature. We can accept these invitations by developing an experiential rapport with physical manifestations of our animal visitors.

By surrendering to this rapport, Life is revealed as a radiant Net of Gems. A Net of Gems held together by relationship. As we find our own place within that relationship, this Net of Gems becomes one Gem. And that one Gem is Love…Unconditional, Transpersonal Love…The one great Love of Existence.

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