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Rosemarie Anderson

PhD, Rosemarie Anderson is Professor Emerita of Transpersonal Psychology at Sofia University and an Episcopal priest. She is author and co-author of several books about Transpersonal. She has cofounded the Transpersonal Research Network in 2014 with several European colleagues and the Sacred Science Circle with Les Lancaster in 2017. In 2017, Anderson received the Abraham Maslow Heritage Award from Division 32, Society for Humanistic Psychology, of the American Psychological Association. She has translated the Lao Tzu’s Tao Te Ching based on her reading knowledge of Chinese from her years teaching and living in Asia.



The Divine Feminine Tao Invites Us to Act

The Lao-Tzu’s Tao Te Ching portrays the Tao as “mother,” “virgin,” and “womb.” She is the “immortal void” who endlessly “returns to source” to renew life again and again. From her “dark womb,” all life flows. In aligning with the Tao, we discover the path of peace and wellbeing with ourselves, each other, and the earth that arises from spontaneous action that seeks no gain for the self. This is the path of wei wu wei, meaning to act without acting or do without doing. Wei wu wei does not mean doing nothing, not thinking, not traveling, not initiating projects, not cooking dinner, not planting a garden in the spring, and so on. To the contrary. For in leaving self-gain aside, our actions arise naturally and spontaneously to meet concrete situations and events without plotting or maneuvering in advance or expecting to be liked, appreciated, or rewarded for what we do. Aligning with the Tao is to seek what is lowest and most needy like a mother might act naturally and spontaneously on behalf of a child in danger. Quoting from my translation of Poem 8:

The highest good is like water

Bringing goodness to all things without struggle

In seeking low places spurned by others

The Tao resembles water

In so doing, we do what matters most—not tomorrow but right now. At a time in history when human greed and aggression are out of control and threatening life as we know it, her message is also a warning. Per the situation, our actions may be swift or slow, but they will in time resolve obstacles at their source in the same way that water carves out canyons and moves mountains. What matters most will vary for each of us. This is wei wu wei in action. Over time, enacting this feminine path to peace will impact all our relations with others, including animals and other species, each other, our families and communities, the conduct of governments, relationships between nations and peoples, and with planet Earth.

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