Eurotas Conference 2019


Salvatore Nicolo Volpe

I had the chance to walk with instructors such as Etienne Jalenques, and Agnès Lambert (psychiatrist primary therapy), Bernard Pernel (Arnaud Desjardins), Richard Moss and finally Alejandro Jodorowsky to whom I want to show my gratitude. A big thank you also to the Tarot of Marseilles and the experiences during my travels in Africa, Amazonia, Mexico, India, North America. Their accompaniment allowed me to integrate the different philosophical, therapeutic and spiritual approaches received in a transpersonal practice. I lead Tarot dance-trance seminars, as part of the 3T Tarot-Transpersonal Therapy.


Dance-Trance and Emotional Healing

During this workshop we will be able to let the dance, the voice, the word … open in us the gates of intuition, and contemplate in the mirror of the Tarot the reflection of the masks to which we identify. By agreeing to plunge into the dark part of our psyche, we will let dance in full light the being of life and love that we are deeply. The workshop unfolds in four stages. First, those present choose a card they do not like. Second, in a mini-group, they express what bothers them in this card then synthesize their sharing into a mantra sentence. Thirdly, the dance makes it possible to bring out those emotions that we have so often rejected, repressed, hidden … Embodying them, making them live in the movement of the trance. The fourth part, lying, allows to integrate what has been seen, felt, and danced

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