Eurotas Conference 2019


Sandrine Michoud

Sandrine Michoud is a holistic therapist, accompanying the Living.Driven by a quest for the meaning of the human, after a training in energy and educational kinesiology, she opens her field of action and her perceptions, integrating teaching in relational ecology, soul coaching, shamanic ritual practices, non-duality Tantra. She proposes an accompaniment to the transformation for individual or in group, inspired by the Toltec way.



“Free to Body”: a holistic therapy beyond the walls

Holistic therapy is a subtle paradox, a balance in perpetual movement between know-how to be and know-how to do, tradition and modernity.

When I put my hands on the body in pain, the soul tells me about the origin of the imbalance, which can be located on one or more levels: physiological, emotional, psychic, spiritual, nutritional, relational, environmental …

If my training, my medium ship and my personal quest for understanding of the human being allow me to explore vast domains, I have often been confronted with problems inviting me to rely on other specialties than mine .

Thus, patiently, around me was a network of practitioners, in a complementary approach to skills, from medicine to energy. Interconnection of practices, alliance of individuals, reliance of Being. A link beyond the egos, rich in lessons for each one, woven by the same impulse: the well being of the patient. This sharing will be followed by a workshop “Free to Body”: a time of physical and energetic movements will harmonize the 4 planes of the Being (body, heart, head, soul), activate our vital energy and to focus on our Presence. This energy will then be deployed in the group and we will open to what will be offered by this holistic moment … unpredictable and unspeakable!


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