Eurotas Conference 2019


Sara Gambelli

Organizational Psychologist and Trainer, Yoga Instructor, Transpersonal psychotherapist and apprentice in the teaching course of Integral Transpersonal Institute of Milan. She lived in Brazil, developing a passion for shamanism and Meso-American cultures, deepening studies of Umbanda, Afro – brasilian archetypes, Nagualism, walking Maya-Toltec path in Mexico and Oriental cultures in India. For years she has been working as a Consultant in Human Resources for multinational companies on Training projects for the development of managerial skills and potential assessment centres, in Italy and abroad. [for more info: – ] When she met Biotransenergetics in 2013 she took up the challenge of bringing Transpersonal vision in Corporate World, as a key of new consciousness. In the last years she developed many formats for employees of multinational companies based on Biotransenergetics methods, team empowering for middle and top managers, programmes of women leadership, stress reduction and integral wellbeing, integral consciousness at work. She leads BTE groups and one-to-one therapy for privates in Milan and Central Italy.



The application of Transpersonal Vision to Companies as twilight zones of evolution

In this lecture I present the results of a sixth-months Training Project, which I implemented with a group of 15 managers of Electrolux, leading multinational company in the household appliances market. The approach I applied has been broadly based on Transpersonal Vision and Biotransenergetics methodology. Companies are today an exciting field in which individual and collective enterprises express their abilities and talents in a territory of continuous experimentation and applied innovation. At the same time they are contexts of inner pain, where people spend most of their lifetime at the risk of losing the reason why this is done. As well, the innovative drive, the dynamism impressed by technological and digital global transformation and competition increase the perception of uncertainty, instability.

In the last 10 years organizations have become the most advanced terrain – a sort of permanent laboratory – of what I see as an anthropological mutation. Companies are today what Peter Russell defined as “twilight zones of evolution”, territories where a new order begins to manifest, before fully emerge.

Facing this reality during my project at Electrolux, my aim has been to contaminate the Business realm dominated by work, numbers, logic, performance, objectives, interests and power with the subjective and profound dimension of the mysterious space of dreams, desires, emotions, shadows and connections with spiritual realms beyond the manifest and ordinary perception of reality.

I therefore defined a 50-hours “Integral Training Project” adopting a Blended Integral methodology, with particular reference to Biotransenergetics. I guided people into a gradual immersion into the world of inner experience combining maps and theories from academic and classical organizational Psychology with the most recent acquisitions of Neuroscience, Mindfulness and Transpersonal Psychology. I designed high impact settings and Biotransenergetics methodologies tailored to the needs and characteristics of the participants, and involving practices with archetypes and work with elements of nature. The results were extremely positive on many levels. A significative evolution in team and organizational awareness has been proved by the final assessment.

The lecture will be organized as an active brainstorming involving participants in the co-creation of new ideas for the application of Transpersonal Vision and Biotransenergetics approach to social, business and institutional contexts.

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