Eurotas Conference 2019


Srinivas Arka

Srinivas Arka is a World Renowned Philosopher, Inspirational Speaker, Author, Developer of Human Positive Potential Programmes and a Founder of the Centre For Conscious Awareness (CCA) Registered Charities Globally.He is known for his work serving communities around the world. Highly regarded for his lectures, workshops and books, his work has inspired people around the world to explore and develop their intuitive awareness, thus helping them to achieve a more balanced and fulfilling life for themselves and where possible helping those around them.




My lecture will focus on the ‘transit’ and ‘transition’ in the journey of human life. In a bid to increase our understanding of this process, I shall initially introduce to you these two concepts and their roles in the journey of life. As a result, I shall reflect on the following questions. What do we mean by transit; who is transiting; why do humans need to go through a transition; from what level to where are we transiting, and what is the contrast to transition? I shall also look at what is it that make a human being and what makes a being human? What or who is the being in this context? To provide answers to these questions, I shall be drawing on my years of experiences as a philosopher and yogi exploring this inner world and extant knowledge from Vedic Science, which has come from my first hand reading of the texts in Sanskrit.

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