Eurotas Conference 2019


Stéphanie Larrue

Stéphanie Larrue, MA, PhD. (Cand.) is a psychotherapist in individual, couples and family therapy with an interest in stepfamilies and transpersonal psychology. She lectures at Saint-Paul University in the School of Counselling, Psychotherapy and Spirituality. Her PhD. research is on how spirituality, meaning and therapeutic alliance play a role in stepfamily therapy. She has written on stepfamilies, the therapeutic use of self and transcendence. .


Helping Stepfamilies Flourish Using a Knowledge-Translation Integrated Approach

Up to 50% of families are stepfamilies and 66% of these families will dissolve. Children in blended families are at risk for behavioural concerns and mental illness. Psychotherapy is challenging for stepfamilies to attend. Attachment and meaning can be ways to help them strengthen their mental health.
To address these concerns, Satir’s Family Therapy model, a pioneering holistic and transpersonal model; Emotion-Focused Family Therapy, a holistic attachment-based model; and R.E.A.L. Therapy – Rational Emotive Attachment Logotherapy for Families, a new holistic and integral family therapy model based on meaning and attachment will be adapted as theoretical frameworks for stepfamilies through holistic and transpersonal psychoeducational workshops for resilience-building to prevent the need for therapy for them.
Knowledge-Translation Integrated Approach (KTI) is a new research method (Armstrong, 2017) and will be used to identify which approach best serves stepfamilies’ transpersonal development needs. It allows for holistic participation of stakeholders (including stepfamilies), is integrative, program-theory based, inclusive, participatory, collaborative, empowerment-based, utilization-focused and transformative.

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