Eurotas Conference 2019


Stuart Sovatsky

Stuart studied Religion at Princeton & was voted “highest” member of his class. He brought yoga to youth lockups & the homeless mentally-ill in the 1970s & directed the first US Spiritual Emergence service. His Admiration Therapy is certified in Russia & he has received $2M in grants. His 40country World Family Conference was keynoted by L Santem for Dalai Lama. He is author of Advanced Spiritual Intimacy and Words from the Soul. He was copresident of the US ATP for 20yrs & Advisor to the Johns-Hopkins Psilocybin Study.  


Creating Meaningful Lives of Great-Feeling

Drawing from the ways of the poet and musician [ee cummings, Naomi Shihab Nye, Leonard Cohen] we explore how to deepen the emotional and felt-meaning of our lives , as the beautiful human-beings we Are.

Every family, relationship, and activity reveals that it is indeed holy when viewed through the heart of devotion, as “Spiritual Emergence” beyond, yet within the ordinary.

We will tell each other stories of the deepest moments of our lives. We become the avandhana-bhakti-kavi [poet-yogis of Enlightened Personal and Collective Meaning of Life]

We will chant songs of consecration to our elders, children, children-to-be, deceased relatives, friends and ancestors from all cultures and origins.

We give thanks to everyone imaginable and well-up with depths of Self Love as Walt Whitman sang, “I did not know I held so much goodness. All seems beautiful to me.”


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