Eurotas Conference 2019


Véronique Guérin

Véronique Guérin is a psychosociologist. Founder and director of Etincelle, an advisory and training organization in relationship development, she uses play, role-playing and forum theater as doors of self-awareness, openness to others and greater than oneself. Trained in Jungian psychoanalysis, tantra and shamanism, she proposes, in France and abroad, individual and institutional accompaniments favoring the evolution of individual and collective consciousness.



Journey to the heart of his being by the inner Forum- Theater

Abstract: Many people live in us. This is the vision on which the inner Forum-Theater is based: a multiple psyche, a village populated with characters, built over the years and sometimes leading our lives, without our knowledge.

And if rather than judging them or exhausting ourselves in trying to get rid of them, we went to meet them: Behind their awkwardness and their radicality, what are they trying to convey to us.

Through this inner journey, we gradually open ourselves to our deepest wisdom capable of welcoming these characters with love and curiosity and inviting them to the dialogue table.

Thus, step by step, we recover our vital energy, our creativity and become more aware of our life choices for us and for humanity.

The Inner Forum-Theater is an innovative and evolving approach, nourished by Forum Theater and the Internal Family System (IFS), which recognizes the multiple nature of the Psyche, and the profound nature of being.

In this workshop,

  • we will meet the characters who inhabit us,
  • put them into play with the help of other participants,
  • we will connect to our inner being to take care of them and discover their resources
  • explore with forum theater how to create a more vibrant and conscious synergy in itself.

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