Eurotas Conference 2019


Vicente Machado

Vicente Machado is a human who devoted it’s existence to Realize, Experience and Create Life, within himself, outside himself and in every relationship. With a strong practice of faith, he deeply believed that if this Universe is as intelligent and Unitary as we believe it to be, then he could just send himself to the World and allow creation to take care of him and teach him in Its ways! The result could have been more fulfilling and complete! After nearly 5 years of being what is usually called a nomad, Vicente – without any financial security provided by governments, family, jobs, etc. – have lived in 3 different continents, passing by some of the most sacred places of the world such as Tibet, Siberia, India, deep tropical forests and oceans, learning its wisdom intellectually and emotionally and applying it in the creative fields of its life. One of the most important realizations is that: The biggest pleasure one can receive is the pleasure of giving. For this reason, it’d be his pleasure to have the opportunity to share some of the insights the World


The Sacred Geometry for the New Paradigm

Statements such as “we are changing to a whole new paradigm” are like breakfast for spiritual people. The embodiment and understanding of what this really means is a completely different. In this lecture we’ll intellectually observe how the mind behaves with a completely different structure by, in the first place, understanding the core patterns on how the human functions in the “old paradigm” – named “squared mindset” – and compare it to the new one – “the triangular mindset”. We’ll then combine all the mystic philosophies in one singular point in which all the different expressions relate to each other in a harmonious way and provide an emotional support in which every practice realizes its divine existence and correlates to the Whole fulfilling an unique purpose. Diversity is God’s creativity in action and, to be able to understand the intelligence beyond this infinite spectrum of beauty, is to find a way to create individually and collective with all others!

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