Eurotas Conference 2019


Vincent Vinckier

Vincent Vinckier is an explorer of the inner dimension in a dynamic of individual and collective evolution. After a journey of 14 years in search of what he was deeply, his work today revolves around accompaniment and guidance to greater depth and spirituality in connection with oneself, other beings, the world. Generative coach, facilitator and author, he accompanies through conferences, seminars, individual accompaniments and itinerant travels to connect oneself to his highest dimension to build his life from this essence. He just published his first book Listening to oneself retracing his journey with an impulse of guidance and connection to Self.



And if the biggest global imbalances presented the best conditions for humanity to touch and reveal its essence?

Global chaos and global imbalances are the biggest hurdle for humanity to interfere in a new equilibrium and vibration. This new vibration is that of the revelation of our universal light unfolding in a new materiality, at another frequency.
1) The essence and path of individuation, revelation of the personal and transpersonal quest.
2) To touch one’s essence and to vibrate at one‘s highest frequency: to bring down the highest version of Self thanks to the cracks of the individual and collective armors.
3) The development of the Being and radiation to unite with earthly and heavenly evolution.
4) To materialize one’s vision for the world by acting and maintaining the Being at the highest frequency. This conference will alternate with presentations and exercises.

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