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Vladimir Maykov

Ph.D. is a pioneer of transpersonal studies in Russia. Since 1990, he has developed and taught more than 15 teaching and training programs in transpersonal psychology and psychotherapy. He is the author of Elements of Transpersonal Psychology (2000), Holotropic Breathing: History, Sources, Research, Clinics (2001), Transpersonal Psychology: Sources, History, Present-day State (2004) and Transpersonal Project: Psychology, Anthropology, Spiritual Traditions (2007). He founded an international publishing project to publish transpersonal psychology texts in Russian and has edited about 100 books for this project. He is senior research associate at the Institute of Philosophy of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Chair of School of Spiritually-oriented Psychology at the Moscow Institute of Psychoanalyses. He is founding President and Board member of the Russian Association for Transpersonal Psychology and Psychotherapy, Board member of EUROTAS, and founder of Transpersonal Project – organization for promoting the whole spectrum of transpersonal knowledge.
In 2007-2011 he worked as the scientific consultant and personal adviser of E.M. Sagalayevs in his TV documentary project Mystical Journeys with Eduard Sagalayev (there were 6 series).He is also film director of The Dance of Infinity (2015), Tools for Evolution (2019), The Secret of Carlos Castaneda (2019) and 20 interviews with transpersonal pioneers, artists and spiritual masters At the Origins(2016-2017).



The Secret of Carlos Castaneda (a Film by Vladimir Maykov)

An investigation of his life, views, creative endeavor and impact on humanity (A Documentary Detective) (74,5 minutes)

Carlos Castaneda is often called the “godfather” of the human potential movement. His name and life are surrounded by many contradictions, fictions and legends.

This film feature Castaneda’s closest apprentices as well as major experts in modern spiritually oriented psychology who lift the veil on the greatest mystery of his life: the stormy search of how to become REAL.

Castaneda has been able to manifest human quest for perfection and helped millions of people to find their Way. Castaneda’s Don Juan has reminded humanity of what our consensus reality is and how it came to be. We are all limited in our perceptions; the world is given to us through the scope of human concepts and ideas. Castaneda has revealed us a great mystery of how Reality is cooked in the kitchen of Being…

All interviews for the movie were made by Vladimir Maykov.



Tools for Evolution (A Film by Vladimir Maykov)

(88 minutes)


This film is a sequel to the previous film by Vladimir Maykov ” The Dance of Infinity ” (2015) and together with the first one provides a set of the most important discoveries of humankind about the accelerated development and realization of the life projects.

The film presents the opportunity of “life as evolutionary practice” in the six main dimensions of human situation:

  1. Self-development (abilities, personal growth, clarity, refinement, depth, humor, artistic skills, creativity, inspiration, improvising, total acceptance, flexibility)
  2. Relationship development (friendliness, empathy, beauty of relationships, accepting and understanding others)
  3. Objectivity development (maximum confirmed consensus, joy about successes of others)
  4. Systemic development (versatility, multi-dimensions)
  5. Middle way development (equilibrium, equanimity, art of surfing life, tumbler toy)
  6. Wisdom development (limitlessness, infinity)

All interviews for the movie were made by Vladimir Maykov.


New Dimensions of Hero’s Journey: Transpersonal Film Making

The different views about the reasons of the blockbuster’s popularity are analyzed in connection with J. Campbell ideas of mono-myth and the journey of the hero. There is the assumption that these reasons are related to the psychotherapeutic effect of “heroic films”. The classical map of Hero’s Journey (Campbell-Lukas-Vogler) is uncompleted. It works rather well, but only in a certain (mythological) domain which by numerous followers is unreasonably spread over as universal structure for whole human life. The real cartography of the hero’s journey is connected with the ancient-shamanic three-dimensional chart of reality. So, there exist three different kinds of the hero journeys – mythological, existential, and spiritual, – which have different textual, semantic and historical base, structure and meaning. This provides new opportunities for understanding of filmmaking and the mechanisms of mass media and mass culture influence.

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