Eurotas Conference 2019


Zana Marovic

Dr Zana Marovic (South Africa) is president of The International Transpersonal Association. She is an international speaker and trainer, clinical psychologist, integrative psychotherapist, yoga therapist and hypnotherapist, with a PhD in health psychology. She has published papers in international academic journals and a book on clinical supervision.


Dr Zana’s interest in cross-cultural psychology and close collaboration with African traditional healers/shamans, led to setting up a cross-cultural training for psychologists. Dr Marovic has also established the first accredited transpersonal training in South Africa, in 2009. She is the creator of TranSomatic Approach, an embodied integrative psychotherapy approach, that recognizes body or soma as the foundation, and key to our emotional, mental and spiritual wellness.



Indigenous Knowledge Resources: Ancient Solutions For Today’s Challenges

The lecture starts by looking at challenges we are facing in these turbulent times: environmental crisis and global warming, rise of terrorism and right-wing parties, an aging population, a break down of traditional social structures and the human values crisis. Western science and politics seems to be failing in addressing and constructively dealing with these issues. Leadership skills and compassion, such as displayed by Nelson Mandela, are lacking.

Solutions offered are science and technology – which are based on anthropocentric and egocentric value systems. Western science considers ‘scientific expertise’ supreme and accordingly looks down upon indigenous knowledge, as primitive and unscientific. Yet, indigenous knowledge offers extensive expertise and an empirical system that has been accumulated over thousands of years and rooted in tribal communities.

I will briefly share my experience and expertise related to African indigenous healing and cross-cultural training I have initiated in South Africa. I will further elaborate on principles of traditional indigenous healing in contrast to traditional Western medical approach. Then we shall examine parallels between indigenous and transpersonal knowledge, as well as fascinating connections to the quantum paradigm. Finally, I will summarize indigenous resources pertinent to today’s challenges, and examine its applications.

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